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Due to multiple definitions, dental negligence compensation claims can be quite complex. For example, incorrect fillings, root canals and extractions all qualify as dental negligence, as well as nerve damage and delay in diagnosis.

Many clients complain of nerve damage caused by a dental procedure, which can be extremely painful and lead to trigeminal neuralgia. Other incidences may include other teeth being damaged in the treatment of an offending tooth. Some extreme cases may also include psychological damage which has been diagnosed as a result of trauma and suffering following an inadequate dental procedure. If you think that you have suffered dental negligence you should contact our legal team today to discuss your case for suing a dentist for negligence, call us on 0203 817 9430.

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Dental negligence solicitors

Dental negligence claims are diverse and we treat every client as an individual and deliver a bespoke legal service which is sensitive to nuances of their case. Our aim is to deliver legal support and secure proportionate compensation for every circumstance to help with the distress caused. 

Stephensons cover numerous areas of dental negligence including:

  • An incorrect or inadequate filling
  • An incorrect or inadequate root canal
  • An extraction of the wrong tooth
  • A delay in diagnosis
  • Treating periodontal disease
  • A failure to treat at all, or incorrect treatment
  • Nerve damage
  • Damage to another tooth during treatment
  • Cosmetic dental negligence

In addition to the above cases, there may also be complications in cosmetic dentistry and dental implant procedures. Alarmingly, an increasing number of dental negligence claims involve cosmetic dentistry, such as bleaching, orthodontic work and porcelain veneers. In addition to this, occasionally dentists may use dermal fillers such as botox and these cases can also have complications which may lead to the dentist being liable to pay compensation.

Dental negligence compensation for cosmetic procedures

Dental implants such as porcelain veneers are now regularly used to replace missing teeth; more often in elderly people, but this procedure can apply to people of any age if they lose a tooth. Fitting dental implants such as veneers is not only a complex procedure, but also a specialised skill. Unfortunately, mistakes may be made whereby as a result, the implants are fitted incorrectly. The process or repairing problems with dental implants can be extremely painful and expensive. If a patient claims compensation for dental implant errors, this will not only help them with the cost of the repairs but also help to ensure that such mistakes do not reoccur.

How can Stephensons help me with my dental negligence case?

In dental negligence cases, it is important to contact a solicitor for advice at the earliest opportunity in order to ensure that there is enough time to prepare and fully investigate these complex cases. Our specialist solicitors have a network of experienced and highly regarded dental and medical experts to call upon and reassure you that our dental negligence solicitors will provide the highest quality legal advice. Our dental negligence solicitors are considered amongst the leading clinical negligence professionals in the country and specialise in recovering compensation for victims of medical negligence. 

If you think you have grounds for a dental negligence claim, simply call Stephensons and get a fast answer from an experienced legal advisor. Next, our highly skilled solicitors will compile evidence of inadequate care and consult dental experts to assess the degree of compensation required for the pain and suffering caused and also the further dental treatment that many be required. To enquire about a dental negligence claim, call us on 0203 817 9340 and enjoy free initial no obligation legal advice or send us an email via our contact form. If you have suffered injury due to dental malpractice or inadequate care, you could be entitled to compensation and our highly skilled dental negligence solicitors are ready to act on your behalf.

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It is our business to deliver legal services that work for our clients, you can trust our specialists to take care of things on your behalf. Over the years our medical negligence team has been recognised by industry awards and accredited for their excellence.

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It is our business to deliver legal services that work for our clients, and you can trust our specialists to take care of things on your behalf.

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