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Private healthcare negligence claims - private hospital medical negligence

Our solicitors are experienced in acting for individuals who have suffered negligence through private healthcare and private hospitals. Recognising the unique challenges and expectations within private healthcare, our skilled legal team is dedicated to investigating claims for those who have suffered due to substandard care in private hospitals and other private medical settings. We combine our in-depth legal expertise with a sensitive approach to guide you through the process of securing compensation and ensuring that your voice is heard.

There are occasions when medical care is provided by a private hospital or individual such as a private GP or surgeon. The duty of care owed to us by private providers of medical care is the same as that owed to us by any medical professional. Whether it be a GP, optician, dentist or surgeon, the standard of care owed to us is just the same. As such, if that care falls below a reasonable standard and an injury is suffered as a result, you may be entitled to recover compensation. This could be anything from a surgical error to a delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis. 


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Bringing a claim against a private healthcare provider

The process for bringing a claim against private treatment providers can be slightly different compared to bringing a claim against the NHS as there may be additional grounds on which you can bring the claim. For example, you may have signed a contract with the private treatment provider for your treatment. An example of this would be cosmetic surgery or bariatric surgery or it may be a contract or agreement you have signed for laser eye surgery or dental treatment such as implants. The contract or agreement may stipulate the care you should expect to receive and so it may be possible to put forward allegations regarding these where that care has not been provided.   

Our team of specialist clinical negligence solicitors are able to assess if you have a claim and give you the advice and guidance on the process of bringing a claim to ensure you recover compensation for your or your loved one’s injuries. We have brought a number of claims against private healthcare providers and are experienced in dealing with the contractual issues that can arise in these types of claim. We are also experienced in dealing with private treatment providers that may have closed down such as a clinic closing or changing identities and with individual doctors and surgeons that may have moved away from the UK to work in other countries.  

Contact our private healthcare negligence solicitors

At Stephensons our solicitors understand the complexities of private healthcare negligence cases. If you have been affected by negligence in a private hospital, GP, surgeon or other private healthcare setting, our skilled medical negligence solicitors are here to provide expert legal advice. For an initial consultation, contact us today by calling us or by filling out our online contact form. We're committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

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