Sepsis negligence claims

The number of sepsis (also known as septicaemia) cases in the UK is on the rise. Sepsis is a serious blood infection that can lead to multiple organ failure and can be fatal if it is left untreated or not treated quickly or adequately. If you have suffered from sepsis that was not correctly diagnosed or not treated  fast enough, you may have a case to claim compensation for medical negligence.

Whether you have suffered from sepsis yourself or are claiming for a person who has unfortunately passed away, our medical negligence lawyers can help you to secure compensation to access any ongoing care and rehabilitation you may need. For free initial no obligation advice contact Stephensons today on 0203 817 9430 or alternatively contact us via our online enquiry form.


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Septicaemia negligence claims

Sepsis can occur in any part of the body where you have had an infection and is common after surgery. Symptoms can include:

  • A high temperature (38.3C or above) or a low temperature below 36 degrees
  • A fast heart rate
  • Fast breathing
  • Shivering

While sepsis is on the rise in the UK it is not always diagnosed properly. Failure to diagnose this serious condition can lead to multiple organ failure that can cause further complications. Sepsis can, unfortunately, also result in death. Early detection and treatment of sepsis or septic shock can often lead to a full recovery.

If sepsis has been misdiagnosed, or there has been a delay in diagnosis, or you have lost a loved one to this potentially fatal infection, we can help you to claim compensation. For survivors, the sum secured can help you to access much-needed care and rehabilitation services.

Delayed sepsis diagnosis

The impact of a delay in diagnosis of sepsis can be devastating and have a lasting impact. If you or a family member has experienced sepsis that could have been prevented or wasn’t identified and treated quickly enough while under NHS care or private medical care, then you may be eligible to receive compensation. Medical negligence claims can be complex, and our specialist negligence solicitors will help you every step of the way. Contact our expert clinical negligence specialists on 0203 817 9430.

Sepsis negligence compensation claims case studies

Partner, Laura Sheehan settled a claim for £21,000 after our client's husband died of sepsis due to the failure to appropriately treat an infection in his foot, although he had life-limiting illnesses he would have gone on to live another year had the infection been treated correctly.

Another of Laura Sheehan’s clients experienced sepsis after he underwent surgery for a parastomal hernia. After he complained to the doctor that the stoma did not look right, medical professionals assured all was well and he was discharged from the hospital. In a matter of days, he was readmitted to hospital with life-threatening sepsis. He required emergency surgery where part of ischaemic bowel was removed and the stoma was re-sited. Due to the shortening of his bowel and position of the stoma, it leaked regularly and without warning. The claimant was unable to work, became a recluse and depressed. There was no treatment to improve his situation. The claimant recovered compensation of £227,519.25.

For more information please read our blog on sepsis or to speak to our legal experts contact us on 0203 817 9430.

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