Interviews with insurance companies

If you have received correspondence from your insurance company asking that you attend an interview at one of their offices one of our experienced solicitors will be happy to advise you initially on the phone and to attend the interview with you.

Insurance companies will ask to interview you if they suspect there has been any fraudulent activity or one of the clauses of their contract has been breached such as failing to declare an accident. Possible ramifications for you could be a costly civil action and/or the police being informed that a criminal offence has occurred.


Our experience

Martin Pizzey is a partner in our criminal justice and regulatory department with experience of representing clients during interviews with their insurance companies when civil or criminal fraud is alleged or might arise. Martin says ‘A number of laws and regulations may need to be considered all at the same time when dealing with insurance related issues or investigations by insurance companies. Often this is after an event such as an accident and claim being made by a third party. It can result in the insurer looking as far back to when the policy was purchased. Potential problems can range from exposure to reporting for driving offences to fraud allegations being made. The consequence could also extend to an insurance company refusing to cover a claim by declaring a policy void'.

For free initial advice please call us on 0203 816 1098.

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