Colin Rawson


Colin qualified as a Solicitor in 2007 and has specialised in criminal law ever since.

He is based in the Magistrates Court team at the Wigan office. He covers all Magistrates Court hearings in the North West and further afield. Colin is a Magistrates Court and police station duty solicitor who represents clients at every stage through the criminal system. 

Interviews under caution  

Colin will regularly represent clients at the police station when there is to be an interview under caution. Every person is entitled to free and independent legal advice at the police station and Colin and his colleagues are on call 24/7, 52 weeks a year. Please call 07836 574607 for assistance. Colin has experience of dealing with the most serious of offences at the police station including murder, rape, drugs supply and armed robbery. 

In addition to the police station, interviews under caution can take place at the job centre and local authority buildings in respect of a wide range of criminal offences, including benefit fraud, non school attendances and environmental matters. Legal help is available or a fixed fee can be offered.

If a case is before the Magistrates Court, for what ever reason, then Colin can assist. Particular areas that he can assist with are as follows:

Magistrates Court Advocacy- CPS Prosecutions   

Colin appears before the Magistrates Court on daily basis, covering all hearings. These include bail applications, preliminary hearings before a Crown Court committal, sentence hearings and Magistrate Court trials. 

Benefit Fraud 

Prosecutions can be led either by the Department of Work and Pensions or the local authority. Colin has experience in dealing with a wide range of these cases from interviews under caution, sentence hearings to trials before the Magistrates Court.

Non school attendance

Prosecuted by the local authority, Colin can offer advice and representation for offences under the Education Act

RSPCA matters 

Colin regularly represents individuals facing offences under the Animal Welfare Act and again can provide advice and representation in respect of the same. Interviews under caution can also take place in respect of RSPCA investigations where legal advice is always recommended.

Applications for Anti Social Behaviour Orders 

Applications can be made by either the local authority or the Crown Prosecution Service and can involve severe restrictions being placed on a individuals liberty if granted. Colin has successfully objected to the granting of such orders.