Benefit fraud solicitors

The benefit system and criteria for eligibility can often be very confusing, you may be accused of benefit fraud if it is thought that you have knowingly claimed benefits which you are not entitled to. This can include financial, medical or food assistance. If you are facing benefit fraud allegations contact our specialist solicitors on 0203 816 1098 for advice or complete our online enquiry form.

If you are accused of benefit fraud you may be invited to an interview but the specific details or what you are accused of are unlikely to be stated or you may receive a summons to court. The alleged offence could range from failing to report employment status to failing to report a change in eligibility status. Before attending an interview or court summons you should consult a benefit fraud solicitor. After we have ascertained the precise alleged offence it may be that an interview is not appropriate and we are best placed to advise you of your course of action.

Prosecutions for benefit fraud can result in a number of actions ranging from a custodial sentence through to fines.

Welfare benefits advice

Our welfare benefits team can help our clients if accused of benefit fraud. We understand that this can often be a frightening experience.

Often, the information which they use to make their accusation comes from an investigation which can take months, or even years but normally a decision is made to disallow benefit if they suspect that a claimant has been falsely claiming any of the following:

  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Employment & Support Allowance

Our welfare benefits team can assist in the challenge of any entitlement and overpayment decisions that arise as a result of their investigations. This can often lead to reinstatement of benefit as very often benefits will be suspended where there is an accusation of fraud. Our welfare benefits team has successfully challenged decisions in relation to allegations of cohabitation, falsely claiming disability related benefits and suspected capital issues including deprivation of capital and non disclosure of capital.

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