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Eye injury at work compensation claims solicitors

Suffering an eye injury at work can be a very difficult experience. Depending on the severity of the injury, some of the damage may take many months to heal or even be permanent, which can result in partial or total loss of sight, along with a variety or other painful and life-changing issues. In the most serious cases, an eye injury that you suffer at work could result in you having to give up your career and can have a huge impact on your everyday life.

At Stephensons, we have a team of dedicated accident at work solicitors who can recover compensation for you should it be proven that your eye injury at work was the fault of your employer or another person. For free initial advice, call our specialist compensation claim team on 0161 696 6235.

Common types of eye accidents at work

The chances of an accident that causes injury to one or both eyes are more likely in some types of jobs and industries than others. For example, it would be an unlikely to suffer an eye injury in a standard office setting, but eye injuries are more common in jobs where you might deal with chemicals. Some of the most common eye injuries include:

  • Scratches to the cornea – depending on the location and severity of the scratch, this can have a major impact on sight if not treated quickly and effectively
  • Foreign bodies in the eye – depending on what the foreign body is, this can potentially cause lots of damage to the eye, especially if a sharp material, such as metal or glass
  • Chemical substances in the eye – depending on the substance involved, this can be very serious and needs urgent medical treatment as some chemicals can cause significant damage
  • Trauma to the eye – swelling, or a black eye, is usually caused by trauma when someone is hit in the eye with something, whether accidently or on purpose. Medical treatment is required to discover the level of damage and the best treatment options

An eye injury at work that wasn’t your fault could mean that you can claim compensation for what has happened to you. Speak to a specialist solicitor for more information about the next steps.

Call the team at Stephensons for expert advice and free initial claim assessment, on 0161 696 6235.

Who is responsible for eye injuries at work?

Every incident that results in an eye injury at work is different and has its own set of circumstances. However, every employer has a duty of care to provide their employees with a safe working environment, so if the injury happened as a result of them being negligent in this duty, they can be held legally liable for the incident and any injuries suffered as a result. 

Part of every employer’s legal obligation is to assess any potential risks to the health and safety of their employees and take measures to minimise any hazards. This could mean that they need to provide employees with certain training that is needed for their role and the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent injuries. If they fail to do this, and someone is injured as a result, they could face a compensation claim for the incident and the impact that this has had on the life of the injured party.

Making a claim for an eye injury at work

If you have suffered an eye injury at work in England or Wales that wasn’t your fault, you might be eligible to make an eye injury at work claim for compensation. The first stage of any eye injury at work claims process is to contact an experienced solicitor to find out if you are eligible to make a claim, as this will depend on the specific circumstances involved. 

In many cases, we can offer full legal support for eye injury at work compensation claims on a no win, no fee basis, also known as a conditional fee arrangement or CFA, which means that if your claim is not successful, you don’t have to pay a penny in legal fees. Call our specialist accident claim team on 0161 696 6235 to find out more.

How much compensation can I expect for an eye injury at work?

If your claim for compensation is successful, the sum of money awarded will depend on the specific circumstances involved and a combination of factors. A major element that will help determine reasonable compensation is the severity of the injury to your eye or eyes and the impact that this has on your daily life. For example, if there is likely to be a full recovery in time, the sum of compensation is likely to be smaller than an eye injury that causes permanent damage to sight. Other parts of the compensation may include a sum to reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses or loss of income that have occurred as a result of the injury.

As every case is different, it is only possible to make an estimate of compensation for a successful workplace eye injury claim once we fully understand all aspects of what happened and ask a medical expert to determine the impact on your health and life. Get in touch with our team so that we can start assessing your claim by calling 0161 696 6235.

Why should I choose Stephensons as my eye injury at work claim solicitors?

At Stephensons, we are experienced accident at work solicitors, with a team who understand exactly what is required to make a successful eye injury claim and secure the compensation that you deserve for what has happened to you. An injury to your eye or eyesight can be life-changing, affecting your ability to work and carry out normal daily activities. Our team offer professional legal representation on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for you, to help you move forward from your eye accident at work. 

Call 0161 696 6235 to find out about your options and the next steps. 

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