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Cyber crime & internet fraud - defence solicitors

We have a team of expert lawyers with experience of dealing with cyber crime and computer/internet fraud. An experienced solicitor can be available at any time to assist you if you have been accused of a computer based or internet fraud. We believe here at Stephensons in challenging evidence and we firmly believe that people are innocent until proven guilty. As such we question every part of the investigation and the evidence and our aim is to ensure that your case is vigorously defended.

Our experienced team of cyber crime and internet fraud lawyers has the expertise and knowledge to look at the required level of detail to defend you. Contact our expert fraud solicitors on 01616 966 229 or complete our online enquiry form.

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Cyber crime

Cyber crime is a broad term used for offences committed online. These offences include possession of indecent images, grooming and revenge porn. In recent years there has been an increase of people committing these types of crimes. The prosecuting authorities now have dedicated teams trying to detect crimes of this nature.

Internet fraud

Internet fraud is a term used when someone uses computer technology or manipulates a person to access personal details to commit fraud. The most common internet fraud offences are: hacking; identity theft and ‘phishing.’

Almost every fraud case these days has some element of computer based evidence. This could be tracing the funds of money laundering through internet banking transactions or even the simple analysis of the data retrieved from any computers or phones seized. With the frequent use of technology such as iPhones,  Android and other smart phone devices, phones are increasingly a source of retrieving information and potential evidence. This could of course include complex evidence to track a person’s whereabouts.

What to do if you are accused of committing a cybercrime or internet fraud

The law surrounding these offences can be complex and difficult to understand particularly if you strenuously deny involvement and don’t have the knowledge that is required. It is therefore essential to ensure your legal team has the requisite experience. At Stephensons our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with such cases. We have links to expert witnesses able to assist in the detailed forensic analysis of computer based evidence. This ensures that our legal expertise is backed up by technical expertise. 

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