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Investment fraud defence solicitors

Our expert investment fraud lawyers have dealt with many cases over the years. If you are suspected of investment fraud, then it is important to seek legal advice from an expert fraud lawyer as a matter of priority; call our specialist solicitors on  01616 966 229.

Investment fraud can take many different forms and can be carried out through different mediums, such as the internet or brokers and even qualified professionals such as financial advisers or accountants. The common feature is the targeting of an investor to try and convince them to part with their savings. This could be to invest in a company, a development or any supposed investment opportunity offering a high rate of return. This is a feature seen in many fraud cases, particularly since the interest rates for savings have been so low over the last few years.

Common types of investment fraud

There are several types of investment fraud which we specialise in defending. These include:

  • Investment fraud defence solicitors

    Legal specialists and experienced fraud defence solicitors Sean Joyce and Correna Platt discuss investment fraud allegations.

    Sean and Correna consider what investment fraud is, who is typically involved, the penalties faced if found guilty of such an offence and the importance of obtaining specialist legal support if accused of an offence.

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Defending investment fraud allegations

In investment fraud cases, a vast amount of documentation is generated and there are usually many witness statements from the investors to go through. Each investor will have considerable documentation which will be important to examine. It is important to be fully conversant with each alleged victim, as it can be the case that the paperwork does not match their account of events. Picking up on these subtle points of difference is often crucial to the preparation of a defence. We will robustly defend in these circumstances and will not shy away from vigorous cross-examination of alleged victims if there is more to their story than meets the eye.

From high-yield investment fraud to online investment fraud and false accusations, if you have been accused of investment fraud, then having a specialist solicitor for investment fraud is paramount. We are a large legal firm with the resources and expertise in defending investment fraud allegations. We have also appeared in the Legal 500 as a top tier fraud law firm for the past four years. The earlier you have an investment fraud solicitor on your side, the better. If your expert legal representative is with you during the interview under caution, it can make all the difference to the outcome of the case. We can also deal with any related matters, such as restraint orders, confiscation proceedings and any other issues that commonly arise during investigations of this nature.

At Stephensons, we have an experienced team of expert fraud solicitors who can assist you at every stage of an investigation or prosecution. We can draw on a large pool of experts, such as accountants and computer experts, to help your case and we also have strong relationships with barristers and QCs, who can represent you in court.

Our experienced team of investment fraud lawyers has the expertise and knowledge to look at the required level of detail to defend you. Contact our expert fraud solicitors on 01616 966 229 or complete our online enquiry form.

Investment fraud FAQs

Investment fraud can be investigated by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We understand their systems and their mindset, so we know how to challenge their investigations where appropriate.

What does investment fraud mean?

Generally, investment fraud is defined as; a deceit or deception designed to persuade someone to invest in a fraudulent product or investment. We have seen that many investment fraud schemes include promises such as high yields and quick returns. They can also include professionals, such as financial advisors, solicitors or accountants to help with promoting the scheme. This is to give the fraud a cloak of legitimacy. Sometimes, it is possible for some of those who are involved in the investments not to know what they are promoting is fraudulent.

How does investment fraud work?

Investment fraud works by a fraudster or a group of fraudsters persuading someone to invest in something that is fraudulent or does not exist. Typically, they will promise high interest yields and a quick return. Many types of investment fraud will have offshore investments or funds and make it difficult for their victims to check on their investments. By its nature, investment fraud changes and evolves, but generally, they will usually make the same promises.

What is the sentencing for investment fraud?

If found guilty of this crime in a court of law, the sentencing for investment fraud depends on several factors, which include: 

  • Culpability
  • The level of actual or potential harm caused to the victim
  • The type of investment crime 
  • The impact of the crime on the victim and how it has affected their lives

There will be other factors considered, such as any previous convictions or mental health issues. Typically for fraud, those that are found guilty may well be given a custodial sentence and can expect to face anything from six months to ten years in prison. Other penalties include:

  • Disqualification from being a company director
  • A substantial fine
  • Confiscation order
  • Community orders – if a custodial sentence is not given

Generally, if a guilty plea is submitted then this will involve a reduction in sentence.

For expert legal advice and representation for investment fraud, contact our expert investment fraud lawyers today.

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