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Suspected PPE fraud investigation intensifies

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Suspected PPE fraud investigation intensifies

It has recently been reported that the police raided homes and offices across London and the Isle of Man to investigate claims of fraud involving PPE equipment.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when the demand for PPE was at its height, several companies stepped forward in a bid to equip key workers and others with the PPE they so desperately needed.

Some of these companies are being accused of failing to deliver what they had promised and supplying sub-standard PPE which couldn’t be used.

The National Audit Office reported that 1.5 billion PPE items have now passed their expiry date while another 3.6 billion items are sat in storage because they are not suitable for use. The government spent £200 million on PPE from just one of the companies being investigated.

It has been reported the officers have seized many items including financial documents and electronic devices but as of yet, no arrests have been made. The National Crime Agency suggested that the cases of suspected fraud relating to PPE are not just large-scale supply contracts but smaller online companies selling directly to the public too, so it is likely that the investigations could go on for some time.

Being subjected to a police raid especially of your home will naturally be a worrying time. Depending what is found an interview under caution may follow. It is essential that you seek specialist legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

If your home has been raided by the police or another agency and you are concerned you may have committed an offence we offer a confidential fixed fee telephone or Teams conference with one of our specialist solicitors. During the conference we will take your instructions, advise you of the law, answer any questions that you have and prepare an action plan if applicable.

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By Elyssia Robinson-Fielding, graduate paralegal