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What our clients say - employment and discrimination law

At Stephensons our team of employment law specialists pride themselves on achieving the best possible result for our clients, the comments below are from clients who have used us for legal services. If you would like to speak to a member of the team call us on 01616 966 229 or complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you directly.

"Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I suppose this process could be one of the most stressful, but I must admit your calmness and assuredness, helped me to feel that all was under control and I need not worry. For this reason I cannot thank you enough."

View from a satisfied client

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What our clients say

"Stephensons provided comprehensive and timely communication in a case that took a few years to resolve. I was given sound advice and felt fully supported throughout the difficult process. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who may need their services." - View from a satisfied client

"I cannot recommend this company highly enough. My discrimination case was handled professionally and with the utmost efficiency by Rebecca (and Rimsha) and I was regularly updated and informed of everything that was going on throughout. Any queries I had were responded to extremely swiftly and I felt reassured and confident that Stephensons were absolutely acting in my best interests at all times, from my initial contact with them right through to the successful conclusion of the matter." - View from a satisfied client

"This was the first time I've dealt with this firm, as a client. I can very highly recommend them. I have received lots of support, the communication was great and prompt. The staff were very good, polite and knowledgeable. I felt like I was being looked after and not just a number. Without their help it would have been very difficult for me to do this, so a big thank you to all the staff. If I ever need this kind of help in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to contact them again. I had the following lovely people dealing with my case: Ashley I., Lucy B., and Charlotte B" - View from a satisfied client

"A very good firm who will let you know where you stand and how likely they would be able to help." - View from a satisfied client

"Professional, punctual and go the extra mile. Emma Corrie stayed late one evening to help me and spoke to me with care and understanding. I won't forget her." - View from a satisfied client

"With reference to recent issue I had with my (now former) employer, I contacted Stephensons LLP and initially spoke with Joanne Ribchester (who took all relevant case background and details) and in turn referred this matter to Vicki Fagan.

Vicki was very informative and gave good advice and provided an excellent case and articulate argument, that resulted in a favourable dispute resolution.

I would highly recommend both Vicki, Joanne and Stephensons LLP as an excellent law firm, as this whole case was investigated, prepared, put forward and resolved (won!) and settled in 2 months." - View from a satisfied client

"No hesitation in giving a five star review for Stephensons. Their hard work and dedication secured me with a substantial outcome after my previous solicitors firm had given up on the matter. I can't thank you girls enough... Maria Chadwick, Abigail Martland, Amy and anyone else involved with my case worked speedily, efficiently and more importantly always with my best interest at heart from start to finish. I trusted their judgement and advice to the point I would have allowed them free reign to make decisions for me without the need for my approval. I was always kept up to date on everything with things being explained in simple terms for us lesser mortals when needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stephensons to anyone needing legal help and they will certainly be my 1st port of call next time if I need any further help in the future. Thanks again Maria, Abigail and Amy. YOU GIRLS ROCK!" - View from a satisfied client

"Trustworthy, understanding, kind and helpful. For people like me you put things into words that i can understand. You're the best ever." - View from a satisfied client

"Stephensons team is straight forward, will not waste your time, give you on point advice. They’re very accurate in taking and giving instructions and timely. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of any legal assistance!" - View from a satisfied client

If you were telling someone about our service in under 30 words what would you say? - "I would advise them to definitely contact you to get advice in any legal matters." - View from a satisfied client

"All the dealings I have had with yourself and Stephensons has always been fantastic whether by phone or email the response has been prompt. In respect to other matters you have dealt with I have always received 100% satisfactory service." - View from a satisfied discrimination client

"I want to take this opportunity in thanking you for all you've done for me throughout my unfair dismissal claim with Stephensons.

It goes without saying it's a great feeling knowing I've won my claim at last & can now move on with my life!

This leaves me in wishing you all at Stephensons every future success in the business." View from a satisfied client

"Your ability to be so supportive and understanding, without compromising your unswerving professionalism, was so very much appreciated. You are a credit to your firm" - View from a satisfied client

"In the initial stages of the process, I felt that I was fighting a big organisation and nobody was listening which became very demoralising.

When you came on board I felt as though there was suddenly a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. I valued your opinions, comments and support during the time you worked on the case". View from a satisfied client

"You are fair and trustworthy. Very thorough and cover every possible angle. You are pleasant and take notice of your clients." 
View from a satisfied discrimination client

"I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the hard work you put into my case. The end of last year was so hard, I never thought I could make it through but I did. When I felt like I wanted to give up you called me and said 'let us try and help you' and as a team you did just that. Thank you." - View from a satisfied discrimination client

"Helpful advice and friendly service. Help you to understand your case in more detail and guide you through smoothly." View from a satisfied discrimination client

"I am very happy with the service that I have received from Stephensons.

From the outset my queries were dealt with quickly and efficiently – many other firms that I contacted took much longer to get back to me, and were difficult to reach.

Martha provided good advice and allayed my fears when I had certain queries that were worrying me. She also provided services that were above and beyond that expected, helping me to redraft my letter, and providing me with help and guidance every step of the way.

Needless to say, I received a favourable outcome on my case, and I believe it was all down to the professional and reliable service that Martha provided.

I would highly recommend Martha and Stephensons if you have an employment case that you need to resolve." View from a satisfied client

"I cannot fault the service provided by Stephensons Solicitors. My Case Manager was Gemma Wilson who always acted extremely professional. Nothing was too much trouble in assisting me resolve and get a satisfactory resolution to my discrimination case. I would highly recommend their services if you have a legal problem." - View from a satisfied discrimination client

“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with you. I am extremely pleased with the level of your professionalism and expertise. You handled yourself with diplomacy and tact in dealing with my case. Despite my employer hiring the UK’s largest law firm, you taught them a huge lesson that discrimination is not permitted. You are truly a discrimination specialist, a legal eagle that possesses great skills, knowledge and extensive legal experience. You provided me with grand and transcendent services and you’re such an inspiration for generations to come. Without you, I would have not won my case. I will make recommendations of your services to friends and family. Thank you so much." View from a satisfied client

“I have so much gratitude for your services. I consulted other services before I came across Stephenson's and didn't feel comfortable accepting their support as nothing felt straight forward and it was difficult enough dealing with the situation I was in already. What made your services stand out was the ease of access, the way you simplified the process and took me through me through each stage. You kept me informed and updated and eased the process of which would have been very stressful to attempt to do on my own.

You built a trusting relationship in the early stages which enabled me to remain confident in my decisions and explained the legal jargon in a way that I could fully understand what was being said or asked of me.

In my view we got a good result because you always gave me a balanced view which allowed me to make choices that felt right for me and my circumstances. This allowed me to feel empowered with my own decisions.

I think the role you play in bridging the communication of a disabled person in seeking justice is an honest one and a difficult challenge considering the complexity of law in this area. You gave me a voice and communicated it very well to get us to the end stage and have been an incredible support.” View from a satisfied client

“You were such a support to me, patient which helped me through one if the worst experiences of my life. Thanks again.”  View from a satisfied client

“Just wanted to drop you a note to express my appreciation of the way that one of your team dealt with my case recently, Martha McKinley. I was impressed by her approach and attitude.” View from a satisfied client

"Thanks for sorting everything out, hopefully I won't need you again in my career. Though I will make recommendations to others if/ when required." View from a satisfied client

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in my case, I am more than satisfied with the outcome.” View from a satisfied client

“Firstly I would like to thank you for your professional and considered appraisal of my case and the efficient way it has been handled.” Tim Sykes

“I would like to thank you for all your assistance in bringing this to a conclusion on my behalf. I hope to not be in this position again but would nevertheless have no hesitation in appointing you again.” View from a satisfied client

“Fast, polite and friendly service that helped to sympathetically resolve a difficult situation.” View from a satisfied client

"Thank you for all your help and support regarding my recent claim for unfair dismissal and the final outcome.
When I first contacted you by telephone you were very understanding of my situation and gave me guidance on how I should proceed with my claim. This was done before being formally appointed as my representative and it is for this reason that I chose you as my solicitor.
Throughout the past months you have supported me and continued to show understanding and for this I truly thank you... I sincerely hope that you have a long, rewarding and successful future." View from a satisfied client
"It is clear to us that but for the trained intervention from people such as yourselves, many employees up and down the country would routinely find themselves in difficult situations, having to endure bullying and intimidation of varying degrees, too afraid to speak up or seek redress owing to concerns about the consequences for their job security or financial settlements, were they to do so.  
Thanks to you it wasn't necessary to suffer in silence or to go quietly. You were extremely professional at all times and displayed an excellent grasp of the applicable law and procedure, but perhaps most importantly you showed a willingness and strength of character to engage the employer in no uncertain terms, forcing the firm to abide by the law and moving the matter to a fair settlement." View from a satisfied client

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