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Unfair dismissal compensation calculator

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Unfair dismissal compensation calculator

If you have been dismissed unfairly, you might be able to claim unfair or constructive dismissal compensation from your former employer. You will need to have been employed by them for at least two years in order to be eligible to make a claim and take it to an employment tribunal. Use the calculator below to get an estimate of how much compensation you might receive for a successful claim against your employer for unfair dismissal.

How much compensation do you get for unfair dismissal?

The amount of compensation that you might get with a successful claim for unfair dismissal will depend on factors including your length of service, your age, your weekly wage at the time of dismissal, and whether you were discriminated against.

The sum of money will include a basic award and a compensatory award for money you have lost as a result of the unfair dismissal. If you were discriminated against for a protected characteristic as part of the dismissal, you may also be awarded an additional sum. Use the calculator above to find out how much your unfair dismissal claim might be worth.

How much compensation do you get for constructive dismissal?

If you make a successful claim against your employer for constructive dismissal, you can expect to be awarded a sum that takes into account your length of service, age, wage and any specific circumstances around your dismissal.

If you have not been able to find a new role since your constructive dismissal, you can also expect to be awarded compensation for lost income too.

What are the grounds for constructive dismissal?

There are no specific grounds for constructive dismissal as every case is different. Actions by your employer that breach your employment contract and make it impossible for you to remain in your role could enable you to make a constructive dismissal claim.

The breach of your contract by your employer could be a specific term of your contract or handbook, such as your rate of pay, or it could be an implied term, such as their obligation to keep certain things confidential.

What are examples of constructive dismissal?

Some examples of employer actions that might, in some circumstances, count as constructive dismissal may include harassment or bullying, demoting you without following the correct process, discriminating against you unlawfully, or reducing your pay without consulting you.

With constructive dismissal, the employee feels that they have no option but to resign, because of the unfair actions of their employer.

What is the average pay out for unfair dismissal UK?

There is no accurate average pay out amount for unfair dismissal in the UK because every case is different, and the compensation awarded is based on many factors that vary from person to person. An unfair dismissal calculator tool can give you an estimate for a successful claim.