University fees

Students can face a number of problems when paying off university fees; there can be problems with student grants or loans which means the student is unable to pay their course fees on time which could lead the university to take serious action against them. If you fail to maintain your method of payment for your tuition fees the university will start the ‘cancellation of registration’ procedure. This will happen if the direct debit you are using does not have adequate funds or manual payment is not paid on a specific date.

If you know you will have problems with paying your tuition fees it is very important that you talk to someone at your university straight away. Most universities will have a specific team of staff that are trained to deal with these types of issues and will usually try and resolve them with alternative methods to withdrawing you from the course. Your first point of contact should be the financial team.

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If your registration is cancelled

  • You will no longer be able to attend the University
  • You will no longer have student status
  • Your Library access will be denied
  • Your access to Blackboard will be denied
  • Your ID card and log on will be disabled
  • The university will not provide any official documents confirming your status. I.e. Council Tax forms, student visa letters

Another problem could be regarding student accommodation, student grants do not always cover all of the first year accommodation fees so students may have trouble looking elsewhere for financial help. This can then lead to other variations of debt the student has to pay off.

Student status

Sometimes students can be face with the question of whether or not they are an overseas or home student. This can be a problem because these types of students are required to pay different tuition fees. Sometimes a student can have a British passport but has lived abroad for many years of their lives but have ended up coming home to work or study. This status needs to be determined before the student can be enrolled for a course because without this the fees cannot be set. It is also important to determine this at the start of the course because if the correct fees aren’t fully paid off, the degree results will be withheld.

The law regarding student status is very long and complex and requires deep interpretation and consideration of regulations.

If you are having problems with student loans or fees please contact us. It is important to get legal advice straight away to make sure you are in a stable position so you do not affect your course as a whole or risk exclusion.

Remember your university will be able to support you with any issues that have arisen unexpectedly so make sure you keep them informed of your status.

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