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Oversubscription - school admission appeals

More popular schools will often receive a great deal more applications from parents than there are places available. This is known as oversubscription. When a school receives more applications than there are places available, the school must review each application as per the policy determined for the school. The relevant policy is set by the admission authority and should be displayed on the school website. The criteria will invariably differ from school to school.

If you feel that your child has been unfairly refused a place in their first choice of school, our solicitors can help you appeal to the appropriate admissions authority. This can happen when complete information has not been provided on the initial application, or there has been a change in circumstances which although communicated was not considered in the allocation process.

Our team has successfully represented parents who moved house and advised of this before the application window closed, but the information was not updated on the admissions system by the authority.

An appeal to an oversubscribed school can be a particularly complex case as you will need to show that the admissions criteria has not been applied correctly and then show that our child’s academic progress or wellbeing will suffer if they are not allowed to go to your chosen school in a way that outweighs any difficulties the school would have admitting them as an additional pupil. e.g. if a sibling attends that particular school or if the school assigned is too far away from where they live.

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Making an appeal - oversubscribed schools

All parents and guardians are entitled to make an appeal against an oversubscribed school, but as the process can be particularly in depth we would recommend that you contact a member of our education law team before launching an appeal. Our specialist team of education law solicitors can make arrangements to present your case in writing or by legal representation at a hearing.

We can offer a step by step guide you through the process from initial advice, to assistance in drafting an appeal and representation at the appeal panel hearing.

We have a high MERITS > OBJECTIVE > OUTCOME average and have advised correctly on the final outcome of appeals at initial assessment stage, providing value for money and clear advice on the options available.

If you would like more information on appealing against an admission refusal then please contact the education law team by completing our enquiry form and we will contact you directly.

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