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Fixed price HR & employment law support - Workplace Plus

Workplace Plus' employment law services remove the time and everyday headaches of being an employer. From structuring employment policies to advice on recruitment, drafting contracts to documenting company procedures, the service gives you all the tools you need to become a best practice employer.

With an understanding of your business, we will create a tailored employment solution. One that in the process creates an environment more likely to lead to increased staff commitment and improved productivity.

And the benefits don't stop there. We keep you up-to-date with the latest legislation and its impact on your business. If things do go wrong we'll prepare your case and represent you in court or tribunal – a source of comfort in view of the growing 'compensation culture'. Whether face to face or through our 24/7 freephone hotline, we're constantly on call to answer your queries or solve your problems. Call us on 01616 966 229 for more information on how our HR and employment law solicitors can help your business.

For an annual fee, workplace plus provides:

  • Full audit of employment documentation, contracts and policies
  • Bespoke contracts and policies
  • Handbooks for managers and employee handbooks 
  • Unlimited access to a designated specialist employment solicitor for advice & guidance
  • Ongoing training and briefing
  • Advice and representation for employment tribunals
  • Employment protection insurance for the cost of full legal representation at an employment tribunal, including the cost of any award made against you up to a maximum of £100,000
  • Advice and representation for:
    • Defence to Health & Safety Prosecutions
  • Debt recovery advice

The benefits of assistance from workplace solicitors

The consequences of not having all of your employment documentation and your HR policies and procedures checked by experts and fully in place can be really serious for businesses of any size. Every business is different, so a one-size-fits-all solution might not cover everything that you need it to, to help protect your company or organisation from potential employment claims or other issues.

This is where a tailored solution that is developed specifically with the needs of your business in mind can be invaluable. With experienced workplace solicitors on hand not only to review and improve your existing documents and processes, but also to offer ad-hoc specialist advice whenever an issue arises, it frees up your internal resource to focus back onto your business and make it even more successful.

Poor HR management can result in increased staff disputes, a high turnover of personnel, failure to retain great talent and potentially even employment tribunal claims, which can be very costly and stressful to deal with.

With workplace solicitors on hand to help whenever needed, any potential issues can usually be resolved quickly and without the need for escalation.

Why choose our HR and workplace solicitor solution for your business?

Our expert team can take the headache of managing and evolving your HR procedure, policies and employment-related legal concerns off your hands and provide a proven service for your business that frees up your time and headspace to focus on the growth and success of your company instead.

Get in touch today on 0161 696 6170.

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  • Fixed Price HR & Employment Law Support - Workplace Plus 

     Mary Jarrett shares her experience of using the Workplace Plus package and working with the HR and employment law team at Stephensons.

    Head of Employment Law Philip Richardson explains what is included in Workplace Plus, the benefits of having a fixed price employment and HR support package like Workplace Plus to rely on and the cost of the package.

  • Mary Jarrett

    "They've been amazing. Everything is so easy. I have a question, I can make a phone call or send an email and it doesn't matter when I do this, I'm always going to get a prompt response. It's taken away some of the worry actually from trying to ensure that I always get it right."
    Mary Jarrett

  • Philip Richardson - Head of Employment Law

    "Right from the outset, we'll go and visit a client at their premises to understand the client's needs and what we'll focus upon is undertaking a full audit of the company's HR and employment products. So for instance, we will draft any documentation or take them through a disciplinary or grievance procedure for instance." 
    Philip Richardson - Head of Employment Law

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