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HR for charities and non-profit organisations

Charities and non-profit organisations have many of the same legal requirements as any business when it comes to their HR and employment law obligations, but the main difference is that many charities and non-profits also have a team of volunteers as well as staff that help keep things running and making a positive difference to the world. This doesn’t mean that HR and legal considerations are any less important. It’s essential that all HR issues are handled effectively to help keep productivity and engagement levels high and help ensure the goals of the charity or organisation are being fulfilled.

With fixed annual fee HR services for charities and non-profits, you can ensure that your charity or non-profit is fully compliant with all of the necessary legal and HR requirements for both employees and volunteers, leaving you with more capacity to concentrate on achieving your organisation’s aims now that your employer responsibilities are taken care of. Get in touch to find out more by calling 0161 696 6170.

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HR challenges in non-profit and charities

When it comes to many charities and non-profits, their HR needs and challenges will be unique to every organisation, but common areas that need attention usually include:

  • Health and safety issues that are project-specific i.e. there may be many areas to cover depending on the scope of what the charity or organisation does
  • Employing staff
  • Employing volunteers
  • Compliance with all areas of employment law
  • Operating within any applicable regulatory guidelines e.g. The Charity Commission

HR policies for charities and non-profits can be complex, due to the need to take into account different types of workers as well as meeting any regulatory guidelines for third sector organisations along with the standard UK requirements with employment law.

The consequences of getting things wrong in relation to HR in the charity sector can be serious, with potentially costly results if there are health and safety law breaches or employment tribunals. This is why it can be very beneficial for these organisations to consider specific charity HR services with extensive experience in this specialist area.

Why choose us to provide HR support for charities and non-profits?

We can offer specialist HR advice for charities and non-profits on a fixed-fee basis, meaning that you always have access to the expertise you need and can rest assured that all of your documentation, policies, procedures and other requirements are in place and compliant with all of the necessary guidelines.

One of the benefits of this type of outsourced HR for non-profits and charities is that this service is fixed in cost, so it can easily be budgeted for and there are no nasty surprises. 

Our service also includes employment protection insurance to cover the cost of defending employment tribunal claims in the event that this is required.

Get in touch to find out more about our fixed cost HR systems for charities and non-profit organisations by calling 0161 696 6170.

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