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HR consulting services

Human Resources (HR) is an important consideration for any business with employees, as it’s a vital business function not just to recruit new talent to the company or organisation, but also to train and develop staff, manage their performance and deal with any issues that arise. Businesses need to make the decision whether to manage all of their HR needs in-house, or whether to take advantage of HR consultants to provide expertise and specialist knowledge and support without needing to have that same level of experience in their own staff.

Whatever the size of business, there are HR consulting firms who can give expert assistance on a fixed-fee basis, taking the HR headache off your shoulders and ensuring that your company is compliant with all of the relevant employment laws and legal requirements, leaving you free to run your business.

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What is HR consulting?

HR consulting is a set of services and ongoing advice that is provided by a third party to assist businesses with their HR function. Typically, HR consultants help firms to implement new best practice policies and procedures to maximise efficiency with their employee management.

There are several different reasons why a business might bring in HR consulting companies, which may include:

  • They don’t have the right expertise in-house to manage the HR function on an ongoing basis
  • They have a specific HR issue to resolve that requires additional expertise to their current in-house skill set
  • They have an inexperienced in-house team and want additional support while their team is upskilled
  • They want specialist employment law assistance when setting up new HR policies and procedures
  • The business is driving forward big changes and want assistance with people management for this process

What are the benefits of using HR consulting companies?

There can be multiple benefits for businesses to use HR consultants for some or all of their HR function. These might include:

  • Independent expertise – fresh and expert eyes on issues your business or staff may be having internally
  • Legal compliance with all relevant regulations
  • Quick response when HR issues crop up
  • Expert input on existing or new policies and procedures
  • Best practice approaches to employee development and training
  • Input to improve recruitment and retention processes
  • Access to best-in-class HR systems and tools without the initial cost outlay

Why choose our HR consulting services?

Stephensons have a highly experienced HR and employment law consulting team, helping business across the country to deliver more effective strategic HR that helps them better manage their workforce. We offer specialist HR support services on a fixed-fee basis, so you always have access to the expert knowledge that you need when any issues crop up for a fraction of the cost of having a similar level of expertise in-house. We can also review all of your HR documentation, employment contracts, policies and procedures in terms of legal compliance to ensure everything is up to best practice standards.

Our service also includes employment protection insurance for the cost of defending employment tribunal claims if required.

Get in touch to find out more about our fixed cost HR consultancy services by calling 0161 696 6170.

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