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Top tips for making your Will in the current climate

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It is no surprise that many people are now considering making a Will and getting their affairs in order during this uncertain time we currently find ourselves in. Although it is never a pleasant issue to think about, making your Will and ensuring it is executed correctly is extremely important.

Always seek advice from a solicitor and avoid making a ‘homemade Will’. There will undoubtedly be issues you have not considered and seeking legal advice will ensure you have covered everything you need to in your personal circumstances.

You do not need to see a solicitor face to face to make a Will. Here at Stephensons we can take your instructions by telephone, email or post and assist you from a safe distance whilst still providing you with the best service and ensuring your Will is exactly as you require and tailored to your personal circumstances.

Ensure your Will is executed correctly. You will need to sign the document in the presence of two independent witnesses (i.e. not another family member or anyone mentioned in the Will). You should personally sign and date the Will whilst all together and then your witnesses should also sign the document, print their name and include a note of their address and occupation on the document. Your witnesses do not need to see the contents of your Will.

During the pandemic and for the purposes of social distancing/self -isolation it is acceptable for your witnesses to witness your Will whilst they are outside of your household (e.g. looking through a window). As long as they see you sign the Will they can then act as a witness to your signature.  For example, you could then pass the document outside for them to complete their witnessing formalities. 

A further advantage to having a solicitor acting for you is that they will check your signed Will to ensure it has been executed correctly and then you have the peace of mind that you have a valid Will in place.

Once your Will has been executed you must ensure you do not attach anything to it such as staples or paper-clips as doing so can cause issues which could invalidate the Will further down the line. Having a specialist acting for you will ensure your Will is provided to you in the correct format before you sign it.

Finally, always ensure your Will is stored in a safe fireproof place and that your executors know where your Will is stored. Here at Stephensons we store our clients Wills free of charge and in a safe place and provide them with as many copies as are required.

If you would like to discuss how our Wills & Probate solicitors can assist you please call us on 0161 696 6238 or complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your requirements.