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The importance of a Will for unmarried couples

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The importance of a Will for unmarried couples

It is recommended that everyone has a valid Will in placed, in order to ensure that your estate passes in line with your wishes and your loved ones are provided for.

This is crucial particularly for unmarried couples that wish to provide for each other and/or their partner’s children in the event of their death.

Under intestacy rules a surviving partner would not be provided for if marriage has not taken place and this can lead to serious financial problems as well as the distress of losing their loved one.

This equally applies to the children of the surviving partner, who again would not be provided for at all under intestacy rules. This is something to consider if you would like to provide for your partner’s children from your estate when you pass away.

The surviving partner is also effected with regard to arranging the send-off of their loved one, in that if they are not appointed as an Executor of their late partner’s Will they could have no say in the funeral arrangements.

In a Will you can not only choose your executors who will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that the wishes in your Will are carried out but you can also specify what you would like the arrangements for your funeral to be.

Stephensons can assist with Will writing and advice on estate planning to ensure that your partner and anyone that you wish to provide for will benefit from your Estate in the event of your death. The probate department at Stephensons can also provide assistance and advice on dealing with the administration of estates to help with the work involved in dealing with a loved one’s assets.

If you would like to discuss making a Will, estate planning or administration please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team on 01616 966 229.

By Rachel Haywood from our Wills and Probate team.