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Is it possible to make a Will using video conferencing?

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DIY family law - should I do it myself?

Unfortunately the covid-19 pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the need for many people to think about their Wills.

Anyone who has a family, especially children that they want to provide for, or has undergone a life event such as marriage, separation, house purchase, or even inheriting money themselves, should think about making a Will, or updating the one they already have.

However there are some practical problems when it comes to accessing advice on Wills during the various lockdowns and restrictions we have seen during the pandemic. Even after covid, taking time off to find a solicitor and visit their offices is often a significant barrier for many people when it comes to making a Will.

At Stephensons we are able to assist people by way of video calls and we are very happy to help people prepare Wills via that medium.

Our Wills solicitors are specialists in the field and are experienced in advising people, from all sorts of backgrounds, on how to make a Will, and drafting it for them.

A Will drafted by a solicitor avoids the common problems and pitfalls that can arise from a DIY self drafted Will. Our solicitors are also able to answer any questions and talk through your requirements and options with you in detail.

Our Will drafting service is competitively priced. We do not seek to be the cheapest in the market because we deliver a personal service and helpful advice as well as the Will document itself. However we do have a range of fixed fees that make a professionally prepared Will, along with personal advice on it, affordable.

Through the covid crisis we have found that clients are more comfortable with receiving advice via video calls than previously thought, and of course many people are now familiar with using video to keep in touch at work or with family and friends.

It is possible to establish a meaningful rapport and relationship of trust with someone via video calls as the subtle communication from body language and tone, which comes from a physical meeting, is still there.

If you think the time has come to make a Will or you just want to talk through your options, but do not have the time or means to visit an office in person, we can arrange an appointment with you using most of the popular video apps such as Zoom. All you need is a tablet, phone or laptop with a camera. There is no IT technical know-how required.

We can take instructions on the Will from you, advise you and answer your questions, all by video link. We will then draft the Will and send it to you, by post, with detailed instructions on how to properly execute it.

However please note that, although we will give clear instructions on how to execute the Will, we do not supervise that ourselves. The rules governing the video execution of Wills are new and complex. They contain a number of risks and therefore we recommend that Wills are executed in the traditional way, with witnesses physically present, which is still possible whilst adhering to social distancing.

If you are contemplating making a Will, or think you should do so, we may be able to help you with our video Will advice and drafting service. Please feel free to contact us on 0161 696 6238 and we will be happy to discuss, without charge, how we can help, with no obligation to go ahead with the service.