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Is my Will still valid after I get married?

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Dealing with the financial affairs of someone who has died

Many people don’t know that if you get married it revokes all previous Wills. That could mean that if you have children from a previous relationship and you have provided for them in your Will but you then get married, they could be disinherited.

Take, for example, Julie who has two adult children by a previous marriage and they have given her several grandchildren. She has made a Will leaving her estate to them. Then she meets and marries Gary who also has adult children and grandchildren. She does not make a fresh Will and then unfortunately dies. All of her estate, including family mementoes and keepsakes, passes to Gary.

Gary makes a Will after her death and leaves it all to his children and grandchildren. The result of this is that Julie’s children and grandchildren get nothing. They get no property or money that may have been built up by Julie and their father over many years. They do not even get the family photograph album.

It is very easy to avoid this. If, after marrying Gary, Julie had made a fresh Will leaving what she wanted to her children and grandchildren then they would get what she wanted them to have on her death. Gary should do the same.

If you are getting married, whether it is for the first time, or again, it is vital that you consider what you want to happen with your estate and if necessary make a new Will because any previous one will be revoked by the marriage.

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