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Doctor erased from the GMC register for falsifying his expertise

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Improvements to the fitness to practice process aim to reduce stress for doctors going through investigations

A GP has recently been struck off for being untruthful about his experience and qualifications. After a week-long tribunal earlier this year, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) were satisfied that his fitness to practice was impaired by reason of his misconduct. As a result, erasure from the General Medical Council (GMC) register was said to be necessary, proportionate and appropriate.

When applying to be a specialist Doctor in dermatology at a hospital, the GP claimed that he had a masters degree in emergency medicine, more than 46 years’ experience as a Doctor, as well as a published article. In addition, he also declared himself to be a fellow of the ‘American Association of Aesthetic Surgeons’ and his Facebook profile stated that he had studied at a University in New York, as well as various other institutions. It was established that the American Association of Aesthetic Surgeons was non-existent, along with the GP’s masters degree, his published article and his fabricated place of study and years of service.

In mitigation, he stated that he was experiencing family difficulties. However, the Doctor was unable to provide proof of how this had affected his engagement with the tribunal proceedings. The panel commented that the GP’s dishonesty had been ‘persistent, repeated and over a long period of time.’

The MPTS panel chair said that his conduct undermined patients’ trust in Doctors and brought the medical profession into disrepute. The chair also outlined the lack of insight into the seriousness of his actions and their consequences. Erasure from the GMC register was therefore necessary in the interest of the public.

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