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Young Carers Awareness Day 2019

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Young carers awareness day 2019

Did you know that in every secondary school class, it is likely that some of those children will be carers to parents, guardians or siblings who suffer from disabilities, chronic or even terminal illnesses? What effect does this responsibility have on the child who is a carer?

A survey carried out by the Carer’s Trust revealed that children who find themselves in such a role experience disruption to their education, and often feel tired and stressed. Some of them have experienced bullying as a result of being a carer, and face money worries, and a lack of social life. A child or young person who provides such a vital role within the family unit often faces this type of difficulty, and so the focus for the young carers awareness day this year is on the mental health of the child. The #CareForMeToo campaign aims to raise awareness for those young people who find themselves in this situation and helpful information can be found on the Carer’s Trust website.

So what happens if a family member is diagnosed with a debilitating condition as a result of their working condition, or suffers an accident involving serious or even life changing injuries? This can be a bewildering and frightening time, and notwithstanding maintaining close links with health professionals, you should seek specialist legal advice, in relation to whether a claim can be made. A claim of this type would not only involve seeking to recover compensation for the injuries themselves, but a good solicitor will look at the long term effects of those injuries on a family.

Will specialist mobility and household equipment be needed for the long term? Who will care for the injured person, and who will support the carer? What type of thing will they need help with? Housework, gardening, personal care such as bathing, dressing and washing their hair?  Who will look after their pets, do their shopping, or take them to medical appointments? These are the issues that Stephensons would look at, not only just after an accident has taken place, but well into the future, ensuring that appropriate care needs are included within a personal injury claim.

If you need any help or advice in relation to making a claim, then our specialist personal injury team will be pleased to assist. Call us on 01616 966 229.