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The lasting connotations of finger injuries

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ThyssenKrupp Tallent Ltd, a global car components manufacturer, was recently fined because one of its workers was left with lasting numbness in her finger after a welding machine accident.
The 43-year old female suffered a fracture and a severe electrical burn when she trapped her left middle finger in a welding machine. For four months she was unable to work and suffered ongoing pain. During her recovery, she needed help with everyday tasks such as getting dressed and washing. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) uncovered that there was no jig fitted to the machine which meant operators had to hold work pieces in place with their hands, rendering them dangerously close to unguarded moving parts.
Finger lost in mandatory glove incident
Meanwhile, as reported on the BBC website two weeks ago, a chemical firm has been fined because a worker lost a finger and badly injured two others when his hand was pulled into machinery.
The 58-year old man was removing rust from a hitch pin when a glove that his employers had ordered workers to wear got caught in the rotating mechanism. Basic safety guidance warned against wearing gloves for this particular task, but the company had introduced a policy which made them compulsory.
Strong grounds for a finger injury claim
In both cases, the victims have strong grounds to sue their employers for injury compensation. The employers were found to be negligent, and both workers will be able to claim for loss of earnings and for their pain and suffering. The female worker who suffered the electrical burn needed help with everyday tasks for a few months after the accident, and this will be taken into consideration when putting together her case, as will the fact that her suffering is ongoing. The male worker who lost his finger will suffer the psychological effects of disfigurement and he may face a loss of function in his hand, meaning he could be unable to carry out the tasks he once took for granted.
Finger injuries can have lasting connotations and a good lawyer will work closely with a medical adviser to present a case that includes the long term prognosis wherever possible. Loss of grip, dexterity and the effects on sensation are all factors that determine the level of compensation that can be awarded. Based on previous cases, awards can be anything from just over £2,000 up to £50,000 plus.
If you have suffered a finger injury due to the negligence of an employer, the specialist accidents claims lawyers at Stephensons can help you claim the compensation you deserve. We will make sure your payout adequately accounts for your pain and suffering, your loss of earnings and any ongoing issues you have, or care or treatment you may need. Call 01616 966 229 to speak directly to one of our specialist accident at work lawyers.
By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney