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Wigan Council say "Twenty's Plenty"

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 My local Council, Wigan, is putting pedestrians' safety first, with a formal proposal to introduce a mandatory 20 mph limit on most of the residential roads within the Borough.  They have formally given notice within the local press and in local Council offices of their intention to introduce the new speed limit over the next two years. 

The Council's aim is to reduce the severity of any casualties injured in road traffic accidents, improve road safety and improve the local environment.  It is well documented that injuries are likely to be less severe when hit by a car travelling at 20 mph, compared to the current speed limit of 30 mph, or higher.  This, in turn, leads to a lesser demand on emergency services and local healthcare providers.

The Council have, over the last few years, made great strides in reducing accident rates throughout the Borough, by introducing 20 mph zones around most primary and high schools, using the slogan "20's plenty" on signage in and around these areas, where there are a high number of young pedestrians.  In particular the number of young people being killed or seriously injured has fallen as a result of this existing campaign.

The Council have also featured their proposal in their quarterly Borough Life magazine, with an invitation for people to have their say on the proposed changes.  Full details of the roads affected and when the changes are likely to be implemented for each individual road are available for public viewing at both Wigan and Leigh Town Halls, and on the Council's website.

Anyone with objections to the proposed Order must submit these in writing to the Council prior to the 31st January 2013.