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Trampoline park safety concerns

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Life changing trampoline park injuries spike...and North West is WORST in England

As we head towards the first half term holiday of the new year parents begin to think about the places that they can take their children to whilst we wait for the warmer months to arrive.

One attraction that has seen growth in the last 12-18 months is that of the indoor trampoline park and I have myself taken my children to one of these parks which by all accounts was very good fun!

I have read an article recently which has made me think twice as to whether I will take them again though. A freedom of information request made by the BBC referenced the numbers of ambulances called to trampoline parks with suspected broken limbs being the top reason for the call outs.

Whilst you could argue that any activity will have a degree of risk from walking up or down the stairs to jumping out of a plane etc, as a parent, once you read statistics about risk to your children it is very difficult to simply ignore this going forward. That said, there is no doubt that my children will have a very lively opinion if I suggest that we stay indoors and perhaps read a book instead of going to do an activity like the trampoline park…

Roll on half term holidays!