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Plans to delay the first MOT of new vehicles and the impact on road safety

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It can be accepted that with the cost of living on the rise, the government is seeking to reduce costs for the public where possible. However, is delaying new vehicles MOTs by a year the best solution?

What does an MOT check cover?

An MOT test is an annual check that ensures that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. The MOT test checks several parts of a vehicle such as lights, seatbelts, tyres, steering, suspension brakes etc to ensure they meet the legal standards. This is also vital for the safety of the passengers and pedestrians on the road. 

The average cost of an MOT can vary between £35 and £50 per vehicle. If a car does not have a valid MOT, then a fine of up to £1,000 will be issued.

Road safety

Department of Transport figures show 26 people were killed in crashes on Britain’s roads in 2021 where vehicle defects were a contributory factor. The AA president, Edmund King said: “The MOT plays a vital role in ensuring that vehicles on our roads are safe and well maintained, and while not a formal recommendation, we totally oppose any change from an annual MOT.

With one in ten cars failing their first MOT, it can be questioned how safe a vehicle can be and this can lead to potential more accidents on the road.

Delaying the MOT’s of new vehicles by one year and increasing the potential of driving a defective vehicle creates a concern for road safety. Whichever way you look at it, deferring a vehicles first test is bound to result in an increase of road traffic accidents, some being fatal.

It may cut the cost of paying for an annual MOT however this can result in costly repairs later in time or may result in an accident occurring.  Either way one would argue that it is not worth the hassle of having the uncertainty of whether your vehicle is road worthy or not. Having an annual check done gives us all reassurance that the vehicles that we are driving have been checked and are safe to drive.

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By Millie Wilde, graduate paralegal