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Supermarket accident claims: don't be intimidated out of making a claim

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Supermarket giant Asda was recently ordered by Peterborough County Court to pay shopper Thomas Wardle a compensation award of £10,500 after he slipped on a grape in one of their stores. The same store had previously been rapped over cleanliness issues which posed a risk to customers. One was a case where mayonnaise had been spilled on the floor causing a slip accident.
The precise nature of the injuries sustained by Thomas Wardle has not been made public but it’s likely he suffered some sort of back or neck injury, or perhaps a broken bone if the compensation amount is anything to go by.
A far more serious incident occurred in a branch of Somerfield in Dingle, Liverpool. A four year old boy hit is head after falling from a railing, which an inquest has heard may have been broken. Sadly he died from his injuries. It has not been publicised as to whether the store was at fault but if it was, the child’s mother may wish to pursue a claim.
Shopping hazards
Standing back and examining the hazards posed within any supermarket, it is clear to see how some incidents are waiting to happen. Spillages, if not cleaned up immediately, are just inviting slip accidents. The milk aisle is notorious for its wet floor, and leaking fridges and freezers are common problems.
Another familiar supermarket accident scenario is items falling from height which can strike customers, causing head, face or neck injuries. And products which have fallen and lay unattended on the floor are obvious causes of trip accidents.
But it’s not just inside the supermarket itself where hazards lie: the canteen poses its own injury risks, such as scalds, and incidents can also arise outside in the car park where shoppers have been known to be struck by trolley collectors, by way of just one example.
Claiming against a big name
Shoppers who have suffered injuries in a supermarket should not feel intimidated when it comes to taking action against a big name. Specialist injury claims solicitors tenaciously represent their clients against multimillion pound turnover organisations and ensure that those who expose members of the public to any sort of hazard are brought to account.
The specialist accident claims lawyers at Stephensons are highly experienced in bringing successful actions against supermarkets and other substantially sized organisations. To discuss your case in strict confidence, call 01616 966 229.
By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney