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Young stuntman injured in Legoland accident

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The widely reported incident at Legoland Windsor in March which left a stuntman paralysed is now subject to a full investigation by the Health and Safety Executive and the local Environmental Health Unit.
22 year old Jay Young was injured whilst rehearsing for the Lego City Stunt Show. He was practising a somersault and landed on his head, damaging his spinal cord and rendering him unable to move his arms or legs. The injuries could leave him paralysed from the chest down, although it will be some time before doctors can confirm the extent of the damage.
Full investigation underway
SGA Productions, the show’s organisers, confirmed in entertainment industry journal The Stage that a full investigation was underway by the Health & Safety Executive and the local Environmental Health Unit and that “routines have been adapted under their advice”. A spokesperson also commented, “As with all our events, only fully trained professionals were employed and all precautions were taken to ensure the highest possible safety levels for both staff and spectators alike.” The show has now been cancelled.
Injuries such as those causing paralysis are life changing. The results of the investigations into the circumstances surrounding the stuntman’s accident remain to be seen, but the incident rings a stark warning to employers to make sure adequate measures are taken to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace. If it is proven that the training, supervision and procedures were not sufficient at the park where the accident happened, the organisers could well face prosecution and may be liable to pay compensation for Jay’s injuries.
Legal advice
Lewis Young, brother of Jay and himself a stuntman, said the family had sought legal advice.
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Compensation awards for paralysis injuries
Compensation payouts for injuries resulting in paralysis are usually substantial. Awards are broken down into two levels which are affected by the presence of pain, the effect on mental health, age or life expectancy and the extent of any remaining movement. For paraplegia, compensation awards range from £127,250 to £165,000 and for quadriplegia, 188,250 to £235,000.
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By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney