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Road Safety Week - 18th-24th November 2019

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Road Safety Week - 18th-24th November 2019

Stephensons supports Road Safety Week each year, which is an initiative started by Brake, a road safety charity, who work closely with communities and organisations across the UK to stop the tragedy of road deaths and injuries, making streets and communities safer for everyone, whilst also supporting those people bereaved or seriously injured on the roads.  

It is estimated that every 20 minutes, a person is seriously injured or killed on a British road, and each tragedy is preventable.

This year, Brake want everyone to “step up for safe streets” and learn about, shout about and celebrate the design-led solutions that will allow everyone to get around in safe and healthy ways, every day.

It is vitally important that our streets are safe and healthy, as this encourages us to lead a healthy lifestyle by walking and maintaining good physical activity levels. It’s crucial that when choosing to cycle or walk on our streets, this does not put us at an increased risk of injury, either from the route that we take or from the air that we breathe.

Top tips for motorists

  • Pay close attention to the road at all times
  • Always keep a sensible gap between your car and the car in front of you
  • Keep an eye out for cyclists and leave plenty of space when overtaking
  • Know your blind spot and ensure your mirrors are configured correctly
  • Don’t use phones or other electronic devices whilst driving
  • Do not exceed the speed limit

Top tips for cyclists

  • Always wear a helmet and the correct protective clothing
  • Follow the highway code at all times
  • Signal clearly at all times clearly showing road users your intentions
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Make sure your lights are working both at the front and rear of your bike

Top tips for pedestrians

  • Be seen. Be visible.
  • Pay close attention to traffic
  • Walk on the pavement whenever possible
  • Always use pedestrian crossings
  • Obey traffic signs and signals

Brake’s message is that every death or serious injury on our roads is a tragedy and each one is preventable. Step up for safe streets and do your bit for a safe and healthy future.  

By Jessica Booth, graduate paralegal in the personal injury department