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Preparing for winter driving

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I think most of us have now realised that the nice warm weather has passed and we are now welcoming the drop in temperature, rain and of course the dark nights are fast approaching. This also means that we need to kit our cars up ready for the cold and icy weather, keeping us safer during the next few months.

The RAC provides a step by step list of how to prepare your car for the weather. This includes the following:

  • having a good tread on your tyres as the wet and icy conditions will not hold the road. Look for damage on your tyres, such as splits or bulges and check the pressure.
  • make sure all the exterior lights are working correctly
  • make sure the windscreen wiper blades are in a good condition, for good visibility
  • check the oil, coolant and washer fluid levels and make sure that they are between the minimum and maximum markers
  • check you car battery weekly to check that it is charging correctly – this is particularly important if the battery is more than 4 years old
  • make sure that your have enough screen wash and that the concentration is suitable for cold conditions. Not all screen wash is the same, so look for the temperature which goes down to -35c
  • check the wiper blades for damage and replace if necessary

It is also recommended that drivers gather a few items at the start of the winter season and keep them in the car – just in case. These include:

  • an ice scraper and de-icier
  • torch and spare batteries (or a wind up torch)
  • warm clothes and blankets
  • boots
  • a first aid kit
  • jump start cables
  • shovel
  • reflective warning sign
  • road atlas
  • sunglasses
  • mobile phone charger  

Please be careful during the coming months and consider stocking your car with the appropriate equipment to aid you and your passengers to stay safe.

Stephensons Solicitors have a highly experienced team with regards to road traffic accidents and therefore, if you are unfortunate enough to experience a car accident, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By Tara Lever, personal injury team