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Perennial pothole problem

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What to do if your car is damaged by a pothole

Potholes are a perennial problem, they are hugely dangerous to all road users, but none more so than the most vulnerable on the road, motorcyclists and cyclists, who can suffer life changing injuries.

In addition to being expensive to repair, they can cause costly damage to other vehicles on the road, leading them into complex financial and legal situations.

Increases in traffic, climate change and general lack of resource, have led to many pot-hole hotspots.  It’s therefore no surprise to me that some roads take on average 105 years to resurface. Resurfacing roads is an expensive and inconvenient task and usually not a priority of local councils and governments.

Extensive research is being undertaken into finding better, more efficient and long term ways of fixing potholes (as clearly current strategies are having little impact on the problem), but until then, be careful if out on a bike or motorbike, and if you do see a pothole, you must report it to your local council , or on the government website (www.gov.uk/report-pothole) or via a dedicated website, such as  FixMyStreet.

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