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One in three 'distracted' by mobile phones

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Using a mobile phone while driving is an illegal offence but a recent study warns that using a phone as a pedestrian can be just as hazardous.

Almost one in every three pedestrians are distracted while crossing the road - the majority by their mobile phone a recent survey has shown.

Of more than 1,000 people crossing 20 different roads, 11% were listening to music, 7% were texting and 8% were having conversations, on their phones.

Young teenagers and young adults were the biggest culprits.

It has been shown that texters were four times more likely to ignore red lights and they took almost two seconds longer to cross a three to four lane junction. This could be potentially fatal. On the flip side, listening to music sped up the time taken to cross the road. However, the crucial part of this is that many people would cross the road without looking both ways. Other distractions within the survey included having a conversation with another pedestrian, pushing a stroller and carrying a baby.

Experts have stressed the issue that looking properly when you are walking is just as important as when you are driving and to therefore take care not to be dangerously distracted, whether by mobile phones, listening to music or being caught up in conversations with other people.

Estimates show that there has been a 5% rise in the numbers of pedestrian casualties since June 2011.

There is a strict warning that using a mobile while crossing the road could cost your life and reading the facts above can show how true this is.

By Tara Lever