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No thanks, I will take the stairs

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I am definitely the one who is dragged into a lift, panicking for the next 30 seconds, wondering when the lift doors will actually open. For those of us out there with phobias, my fear of lifts was made worse by reading about a recent accident regarding a lift in a hotel.

The accident took place in Newquay where 5 people were stuck in a lift which transports the guests to a small cove between the cliffs. The lift became stuck and the guests were informed that the lift would be manually winched down to the ground floor. My worst nightmare!

Overall 85 emergency service workers helped to rescue the people from the lift, which included two lifeboat crews because the incident happened shortly before high tide and the only access to the cove was from the sea.

The lift had its own plans as it fell 100ft (30m). Luckily, no one was seriously injured, however, one gentleman suffered a knee injury and two other men received minor injuries.

I think we all know of someone who has been stuck in a lift, but we never think that it would come to an injury.

By personal injury specialist, Tara Lever