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How to avoid a cycling accident

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Cyclist sentenced to 18 months over death of pedestrian in fixie bike case

Cycling as a form of transport is becoming more and more popular as we, as a nation, try to get healthier and reduce traffic and air pollution. The environmental benefits of walking and cycling more and driving less were clear to see during the 2020 lockdown. Many towns and cities are altering roads to make way for safer and wider cycle lanes so that more of us can get cycling.

Despite this, there are many people who remain reluctant to cycle on the roads at busy times for fear of accidents, as unfortunately not all drivers keep a proper lookout for cyclists and even motorcyclists. This needs to change and hopefully the dramatic changes to road layouts will encourage drivers to be more aware of and considerate of cyclists.

Cycling UK have released some top tips for cycling safely in traffic and we would encourage any cyclists, particularly those new to cycling, to read those here: Top ten tips for cycling in traffic Cycling UK.

These include being aware of your surroundings and of any potential hazards, such as car doors opening, uneven road surfaces etc. They also encourage being as visible as possible and riding centrally on the carriageway if you feel that it would not be safe for a vehicle to overtake you.

Unfortunately, cycling accidents do still happen and can be very frightening and debilitating for cyclists. We will continue to support organisations such as Cycling UK and BRAKE in campaigning for safer roads for our cyclists.

If you have been involved in a cycling accident, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice and guidance on 0161 696 6235.