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Fireworks and bonfires

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As the nights get darker and Autumn sets in, it will soon be Halloween followed by the celebration of Bonfire Night. My family and I will be looking forward to attending a bonfire and large fireworks display and I was interested to find out what potential risks could be avoided.

The law in this area, derived from the Fireworks Act 2003 determines the safety, supply and use of fireworks throughout the year. Amongst other things, it regulates that the sale of fireworks for registered sellers is limited to 15th October 2012 – 10th November 2012 (in relation to Bonfire Night).

With the potential for more people to be injured in this year’s festivities it is worth noting that anyone considering buying fireworks should purchase only British Safety Standard approved fireworks (BS 7114) and always follow the Fireworks code:

Keep fireworks in a closed box
Follow the instructions on each firework
Light all fireworks at arms length
Stand well back
Never go back to a lit firework
Never put fireworks in your pocket
Never throw fireworks

For further information from the government on this topic, please go to the following website:

By Barry Sutton

If you or anyone you know is injured by a firework or in attendance at a bonfire this year, we at Stephensons have a specialist team who are willing and able to help. Call us today on 01616 966 229 to discuss the merits of your case.