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Drive safe this December

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What to do if you are injured as a result of winter weather

It’s the 2nd of December 2020 and shops are now open for trading, following the national lockdown. Given that Christmas is just over 3 weeks away, the likelihood is that town centres and cities are going to be packed with festive shoppers. 

Of course, this means more vehicles on the road, as firms pull out all the stops to meet consumer demands to ensure that shelves are stocked, retail assistants go back to their jobs, and of course, the shoppers themselves.

The weather is also turning decidedly wintery, with some parts of the country already seeing a dusting of snow, and most of us seeing rainy, grey, miserable conditions. So whilst is it is easy to forget in all the pre-Christmas bustle, about mundane things such as vehicle safety checks, they could be vital in preventing accidents.

The chances are you will either be heading off to work or coming home in dark conditions.  Ensure that your headlights and brake lights are fully working – it could have been a while since your MOT – and that the battery is fully charged, your tyre pressure is correct and the tread in good condition, and that all fluids such as oil, anti-freeze and screen wash are topped up.  It is also a good idea to have a small emergency kit in your car consisting of a blanket, hazard triage, de-icer, water bottle etc, should the unthinkable happen. 

Have you got sufficient insurance and breakdown cover, in the event of an accident?  Take your time when driving and reduce your speed.  Don’t expect that you can drive in exactly the same way on a dark winter evening as you would on a summer’s day.  Tailor your driving accordingly, taking extra care at junctions and roundabouts, and keeping a watchful eye for pedestrians, cyclists and dog walkers. 

Whilst these may seem obvious points, the fact remains that 5 people meet their death on UK roads every single day and whilst road safety has dramatically improved over the last few decades, 5 deaths a day is still too many.  So take the time to check your vehicle, and be aware when using the road.

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