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'Devils road' claims another victim

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I received some tragic news this weekend about a very good school friend of mine, who sadly died in a fatal accident on the A666 road to Blackburn.

The A666 road, also know as 'Devil's Highway' or 'Devils Road' has claimed yet another victim in its very long list of casualties. Due to the high fatality rate on this treacherous road, the speed limit was reduced from 70mph to 50mph in 2000 prior to which the road was reported as having as many as 26 accidents a year.

Even now, with the extra precautions of speed cameras and extra safety fencing, it is still notorious for fatalities and serious injuries.  It has become only too apparent that even the precautions that have been put in place are sometimes not enough.

Its easy to put your foot down if you're 'in a hurry' or if you just have the thrill for speed, but this accident and the many before it should open peoples eyes to the dangers of the road. The power of a vehicle should never be taken for granted.

However, this should not deter people from driving in any way whatsoever, simply to open their eyes to the possibilities if this privilege is abused.

The exact circumstances of this incident are not yet fully known, although one thing is clear. Safety and care are so very vital when driving any motor vehicle, especially when accidents are claiming such young lives.

My thoughts go out to the victims family and friends at this devastating time.

By road traffic accident expert, Jessica Brookes