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Can I claim compensation if I was injured by a faulty product?

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Can I claim compensation if I was injured by a faulty product?

A faulty product is a product which is not in full working order and leads to an individual sustaining an injury.

We put our trust in the manufacturers and suppliers/retailers of products when we purchase items and expect them to be fit for their purpose.

What should I do if I have been injured by a faulty product?

  • You will need proof of the product being faulty. As such, ensure that you keep hold of the product, this includes food items as this will be the best evidence available. Any photographs taken should clearly show the date and time it was taken.
  • You will also need the receipt to prove that the product had been purchased and that the product was faulty after it had been purchased. If you don’t have a copy of the receipt but paid electronically then your bank statement will be able to confirm the purchase.
  • Keep the defective product safe and away from where it can get damaged further. The product may need to be examined by your solicitor, defendant representative or any experts that they instruct along with a judge. 
  • Hold onto any instruction manuals that may have been supplied with your product. 
  • Write down in detail how the injury occurred so you have a clear and concise account of what happened as soon as this is possible.
  • Report the injury to the company you purchased the product from so they are aware of your injury.

Examples of defective products:

  • Faulty electrical appliances, such as fridge-freezers, washing machines, coffee makers, tumble driers, dishwashers etc. that may cause a fire
  • Items which do not include proper instruction manuals for operating purposes
  • Contaminated food items/causing an allergic reaction e.g. if a food label leaves out ingredients
  • Defective design in toys or tools which causes an injury.

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