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Action for Brain Injury Week 2019 - 20th May-26th May

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Headway to raise awareness of brain injury related fatigue during Action for Brain Injury Week

This week is Action for Brain Injury Week 2019, as drove by Headway, the brain injury association. We often think that brain injuries will never happen to us, or anyone that we know, ‘but every year around 350,000 people are admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury.’ (Headway, 2019)

The charity supports many different types of individuals and families who have suffered brain injuries as a result of many possible causes, including acquired brain injuries, road traffic accidents, falls and strokes. Although, not all brain injuries are permanent in nature. Some involve a concussion which can lead to other difficulties including irritability, memory loss, headaches, and in some cases even depression. In any event, when an injury occurs, it is important that there is support available.

A brain injury can lead to a multitude of effects on an individual, including cognitive problems including memory, communication problems i.e. speech, emotional effects including depression, sadness and lack of drive, and physical injuries including walking and moving about. Although not an exhaustive list, these can be severe and in some cases permanent. One of Headway's main philosophies is not only the supporting of the individual, but also supporting the families that are dealing with the aftermath of the event.

With this in mind, Action for Brain Injury Week will culminate in our yearly Hats for Headway competition, in which members of our personal injury and clinical negligence departments create all sorts of weird and wonderful hat creations in honour of raising awareness for the charity which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. Keep a look out on our twitter page on Friday 24th May 2019 to see what creations we have in store and vote for your favourite.

If you have been the victim of an accident which has resulted in a brain injury, or know someone who has, at Stephensons, our team of specialist solicitors can help and support. Call us now on 01616 966 229.

By Helen Livesey, graduate paralegal in the personal injury department