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Brain injury compensation claims solicitors

Our brain injury claims lawyers understand the devastating impact that traumatic brain injuries can have on individuals and their loved ones. Our dedicated team of experienced brain injury compensation solicitors is here to offer comprehensive legal support and guidance to those who have suffered brain injuries as a result of accidents or incidents caused by the negligence of others. With a proven track record in handling complex brain injury compensation claims, we are committed to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve, as well as the rehabilitation and support necessary for your recovery and ongoing quality of life.

A traumatic brain injury, or more specifically an intracranial injury, is when an external force injures the brain. You may have heard the phrase a ‘blunt force trauma to the head’, if a person is, for example, in a car accident and hits their head particularly hard, this could result in a traumatic brain injury. If you, or someone you know has been in an accident and diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury that wasn't your fault, you may want to seek professional legal advice to find out if you are entitled to a brain injury compensation claim. If you would like to speak to one of our legal specialists, contact us today on 0161 696 6235 or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you directly.

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What is a traumatic head & brain injury compensation claim?

A traumatic head and brain injury compensation claim refers to a legal process where an individual who has sustained a severe injury to their head or brain seeks financial compensation from the liable party to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering resulting from the incident.

Why choose our brain injury compensation claims solicitors?

Our team are very experienced in brain injury compensation claims and our specialist expertise in claims like this over many years means that we have access to some of the country’s top independent medical experts. We always aim to negotiate the largest possible amount of head injury compensation for our clients.

We will be with you at every stage of the serious head injury compensation claim process, helping to ensure that you always know what to expect next and are up to date with the progress of your claim at all times. We understand that every case is unique, and we work diligently to tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our team of dedicated professionals stays up-to-date with the latest legal developments, ensuring that we can provide the best possible support throughout your claim.

If you have suffered a brain injury, it is crucial to have a team of expert brain injury lawyers on your side who can help you navigate the complexities of a compensation claim. At Stephensons our experienced brain injury lawyers specialise in brain injury compensation claims, ensuring you claim the appropriate level of compensation for your needs.

If you would like to speak to one of our legal experts about what has happened to you or find out more about serious brain injury claims, contact our solicitors today on 0161 696 6235 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Choose Stephensons for your brain injury compensation claims and benefit from our award-winning team's expertise. Our dedication to providing exceptional legal services has been recognised in prestigious industry awards, including being awarded 'Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence Team of the Year' at the 2022 Manchester Legal Awards and commended in The Times Best Law Firms 2019.

How can our brain injury claims solicitors help?

At Stephensons our dedicated team of brain injury compensation claims solicitors are here to provide you with expert legal support and guidance every step of the way. Traumatic brain injury claims can be far more complex than many of the more common personal injury claims – but here at Stephensons, our legal experts know how and when to handle such cases differently. We can help in making a brain injury claim as our solicitors have years of experience in this area of law.

With claiming severe brain injury compensation, the process can be quite complex as it is vital that we evaluate the magnitude of your injuries in order to determine the necessary amount of compensation. For example, sometimes you may be able to recover from a brain injury of this type and sometimes this will not be the case. The amount of compensation can vary, depending on your long-term prognosis.

Suffering a brain injury can be life-altering, and we understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll it can take on both you and your loved ones. Our experienced solicitors will work tirelessly to help you claim the compensation you deserve, so you can focus on your recovery without added stress and worry. From gathering evidence to negotiating with insurance companies, we will handle all aspects of your claim, offering you peace of mind and the best possible chance of success.

Who can our brain injury compensation claims solicitors help?

Our brain injury claims solicitors are dedicated to assisting a wide array of individuals who have sustained brain injuries under various circumstances. This includes victims of car, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents and those hurt in industrial or workplace settings. In addition to assisting the injured parties, we can also help support families and caregivers who often face significant emotional and financial challenges as a result of their loved one's injury. Our aim is to provide comprehensive legal advice and representation, whether you're a professional athlete sidelined by a concussion, a military veteran coping with a traumatic brain injury, or a worker following a fall from height without suitable head protection.

Can I make a brain injury claim?

If you have sustained a brain injury as a result of someone else's negligence, you may be eligible to make a brain injury claim. It is recommended to consult with a personal injury lawyer to assess the details of your case and determine the likelihood of a successful claim.

What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury / intracranial injury?

With mild traumatic brain injuries, symptoms may only include a headache and short-term confusion. Although ‘traumatic brain injury’ sounds very severe, this is a broad category covering a variety of head injuries. Serious traumatic brain injuries can include symptoms such as:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Loss of memory
  • Disability
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Death

What are the different types of traumatic brain injury?

There are numerous types of traumatic brain injury, including, but not limited to:

What types of brain injuries can I receive compensation for?

Some types of brain injuries that individuals may receive compensation for include traumatic brain injuries (TBI) caused by accidents, as well as acquired brain injuries caused by workplace accidents, assault, or other forms of negligence.

Who can make a brain injury claim?

Anyone who has suffered a brain injury as a result of someone else's negligence or wrongful actions can potentially make a brain injury claim. This includes individuals who have experienced brain injuries due to accidents,assault, or workplace incidents, amongst other circumstances.

How long do I have to make a claim for a brain injury?

The time limit to make a claim for a brain injury is usually three years in the UK, although there can be some exceptions, depending on circumstances. Speak to a personal injury solicitor for tailored advice about your situation and any deadlines for claims.

What kind of compensation can I expect to receive for a brain injury?

The amount of compensation for a brain injury varies greatly depending on the severity and long-term impact of the injury, as well as other factors such as loss of income and other financial losses. It is best to consult with a personal injury solicitor who can assess your specific case and provide a realistic estimate.

What is considered a serious brain injury?

A serious brain injury is a traumatic injury to the brain that results in significant cognitive, physical, or psychological impairment. It may involve problems with memory, attention, coordination, speech, or emotional regulation. It can result from a severe blow or jolt to the head, a penetrating injury, or lack of oxygen to the brain.

What is the process of making a serious brain injury claim with Stephensons?

Stephensons will initially take full details of your accident and injury and then submit your claim to the other side. If the other side accepts responsibility for the accident, Stephensons will proceed to obtain medical evidence, along with evidence in support of your financial losses, with a view to valuing your traumatic brain injury claim and attempting to reach settlement.

If liability for the accident is disputed, Stephensons will investigate the reasons for this and, if we are satisfied that the denial of liability can be overcome, we will proceed to gather all of the evidence required to proceed to a court hearing, if settlement cannot be reached. However, it is often still possible to reach settlement even when liability for the accident is denied. Stephensons are not afraid to tackle these difficult brain injury compensation claims.

What evidence do I need to support my brain injury claim?

To support a brain injury claim, you would need medical records and documentation from healthcare professionals establishing the diagnosis and nature of the injury. Additionally, any witness statements, accident reports, or photographs can help provide evidence of the incident causing the brain injury.

How long do brain injury claims take to settle?

The duration for settling brain injury claims can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case, the extent of the injuries, and various other factors. It can range from a few months to several years before a settlement is reached.

Is brain injury a permanent disability?

Brain injury can lead to permanent disabilities, depending on the severity and location of the injury. Some individuals may experience long-term cognitive, physical, or emotional impairments, while others may recover partially or fully with appropriate medical care, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Contact our brain injury compensation claims solicitors

If you believe you may be entitled to compensation for your accident or injury, reach out to our experienced team of solicitors specialising in personal injury cases. Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or any other type of injury, we are here to provide expert advice and guidance. You can contact us directly on 0161 696 6235 or conveniently fill out our online enquiry form to begin your journey towards seeking the compensation you deserve.

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