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UK drink drive limit not to be lowered

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The Government recently decided against lowering the current drink driving limit from 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood to 50 mg. The new limit, which would equate to one pint of beer, was put forward in a report by Sir Peter North. The recommendations of the report had been supported by both the British Medical Counsel and the AA but were criticised by the pub industry.
Despite the decision not to lower the drink drive limit it is likely that police will be provided with improved breath testing equipment; including evidential breath test kits aimed at tackling drug driving. Better management and increased enforcement of UK laws on excess alcohol will also be practiced.
Additional changes could see people refused the right of a blood test if the breath sample they provide is less than 40%.
Confirmation has also been provided that the Government will assess the need for a specific drug driving offence thereby removing the need for police to prove impairment on a case-by-case basis where a specific drug has been detected.
For drivers who are found to by far over the drink drive limit the Court would be able to signpost remedial training and a linked driving assessment before their driving licence is returned.
By drink driving solicitor, Martyn Walsh