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Linford Christie forced to sell car and walk

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Linford Christie has now been sentenced for a road traffic collision that he was involved in after crashing his black Audi head on into a silver Mercedes taxi that was in the opposing lane. The crash happened in Buckinghamshire and the case was subsequently heard by a judge and jury at Aylesbury Crown Court. He was sentenced to 15 months disqualification from driving, fined almost £5000 along with being told to pay Prosecution costs of £1000 in respect of an offence of careless driving.
Mr Christie had pleaded not guilty to a charge of dangerous driving and opted to take the matter to a full two day trial. He was cleared of the dangerous driving charge and found guilty in the alternative of careless driving. The Jury heard that Mr Christie was driving his Audi on the wrong side of the road just before midnight when the crash occurred, the road itself was an unlit stretch but there was no reason such as speeding for the head on collision. The people in the other vehicle included a newly wed couple and their Uncle who were seriously injured in the crash. A civil case will now follow for the injured parties to claim maximum amounts under the personal injury system and they have already appointed solicitors to deal with the claim. The injured parties have also expressed their dissatisfaction at the low sentence that Christie received.
The Court heard that the taxi vehicle was shoved onto the grass verge by the force of the impact and that the Audi driven by Linford Christie was left damaged in the middle of the road. Mr Christie was able to climb out of the window of his vehicle and speak with the other parties involved saying 'Oh my God, it's all my fault. The newly wed couple, their Uncle and the Taxi driver all required immediate emergency medical attention and two of them spent lengthy periods at hospital before being allowed to go home several weeks later. Mr Christie put forward his mitigation and reasons for the crash which included being at a low personal ebb following the break up of a relationship.