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Jordan off the road

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Crawley Magistrates Court has recently heard the case of Katie Price, sometimes known as Jordan, in respect of a speeding offence where it was alleged that she drove at 83mph in her Land Rover. After a Guilty plea was entered with the Court the District Judge handed out a fine of £1000 and added three points to her already tarnished driving record. The new set of points meant that Katie Price accumulated more than 12 points and was immediately banned from driving for 6 months.
There is no doubt that such a lengthy ban will lead to a new set of problems for the mother of three who lives in Woldingham, Surrey. The usual things that we all need our licence for such as taking the children to school and work commitments will severely affected by this 6 months off the road. Miss Price complained that she had been trying to escape paparazzi photographers when she was caught on a mobile speed camera in a police car but the Judge told those present ‘If you court publicity, you can’t complain when you get it.'
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