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Driving licence offences risk increased with new rules

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Drivers in the UK could be facing a greater risk of prosecution for driving licence offences after a change in policy by the DVLA.


Should a motorist receive points on their driving licence there is a requirement that the licence is returned to the DVLA for endorsement if it has not been surrendered to the police or Court. Should the driving licence not be returned it can be revoked.


In the past the DVLA allowed a period of 12 months for the driving licence to be returned before taking action to revoke a licence. However after a review by the Home Office and the DVLA a stricter approach will now be used. Motorists who receive a latter from the DVLA requesting the return of a driving licence must now do so within 28 days, failure to do so may result in the licence being revokded.


Should a motorist drive a motor vehicle after their licence has been revoked they face a fine of up to £1,000, 3-6 penalty points and even a period of disqualification.


Stephensons’ motoring offence solicitors recommend that drivers who receive a requirement letter from the DVLA should respond with out delay in order to reduce the risk of prosecution. If you have been prosecuted for driving with a revoked licence contact our specialist motoring lawyers for free initial guidance as soon as possible: 01616 966 229.


By motoring offences solicitor, Carl Johnson