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Drink driving investigations delayed by spending cuts

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Police forces across England & Wales are being told to retain and refrigerate specimens of blood and urine obtained from motorists until further notice. The Forensic Science Service (FSS), one of the main organisations responsible for testing samples in drink driving cases, has advised Police forces that it will no longer provide this service.
The Forensic Science Service faces imminent closure as part of the Government’s spending review. This means that Police forces who rely on the FSS for analytical work will have to make alternative arrangements as quickly as possible.
In certain cases a drink driving charge can by defended on the basis of issues with specimens of blood or urine. This may be due to a delay in analysis, a failure to properly preserve specimens or a lack of continuity of evidence.
If you are facing an investigation for a drink driving related offence and your case has been subject to delay, you should seek specialist advice immediately. Stephensons Solicitors LLP have considerable experience of defending drink driving cases. To speak to one of our specialist lawyers please call 01616 966 229.
By drink driving solicitor, Carl Johnson