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Police start Christmas crackdown

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The Police in Avon and Somerset have just completed their first week of a drink driving and drug driving campaign. Operation Tonic started on 1st December 2010 and will aim to make as many arrests as possible for these types of offences along with any others that may come to light. The figures released by the force have confirmed that over 5000 motorists were stopped and 1364 drivers were then required to take a breath test to ascertain if they had been driving with excess alcohol. 
Overall 26 arrests have been made with almost a third of people arrested being under 25 years old. Chief Inspector Polly King is reported to have said: “There are no excuses for anyone to be driving under the influence of drink or drugs today. I am particularly disappointed that younger people do not seem to be heeding our advice or warnings.”
Although such operations are common at this time of the year it is clear that the Police wish to make their statistics public knowledge at an early stage. If you find yourself arrested for driving with excess alcohol or drug driving then we can provide immediate legal advice from a specialist motoring solicitor that will provide you with the most effective way to deal with the legal process that will follow. Call us for free initial guidance on 01616 966 229