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Facing prison for lying about drink driving charge

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The wife and son of MP Brian Binley are facing jail at the Crown Court for Perverting the Course of Justice after a drink driving allegation that spiralled out of control. Mathew Binley, a former police officer, crashed into a bollard in the central reservation in his Alfa Romeo and later provided a breath specimen to Police of  86 miligrams of alcohol in 100/millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35mg.
Mr Binley was due to go back to the Police station to be charged with driving with excess alcohol when his mother Jacqueline Binley gave the Police a statement confirming that she was the driver when the crash happened in May. It appears that neither party took advice from specialist drink driving solicitors and made matters far worse in the long term. Indeed Mrs Binley maintained her version of events through three police interviews and when the police discovered further evidence both parties were charged with the crime. The mother and son appeared at Crown Court to enter pleas of Guilty although sentence has yet to be passed.