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Nick Cave's latest smash hit

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Musician Nick Cave recently crashed into a speed camera and roadside barrier whilst driving along the seafront near Brighton, East Sussex. Nobody was injured in the incident but the roadside barrier and speed camera were seriously damaged after Mr Cave’s Jaguar collided with them.

Sussex Police confirmed they were looking into the crash, with the nature of Mr Cave’s driving and the condition of his vehicle as yet unconfirmed. Police will be looking to establish whether or not speeding or drink driving were a contributing factor in the incident, should that be the case the ‘Red right hand’ singer could find himself facing an allegation of dangerous driving or the less well know charge of driving without due care and attention.

"The camera belongs to the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, not the Police, and the railings belong to the local highway authority. Both agencies have been informed. Police inquiries are continuing", said a spokesman for Sussex Police.