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Biker caught at 144mph

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Gary Dobson, who was driving a BMW motorcycle, pleaded guilty to the offence of speeding at 144mph in a 70 mph zone. We are currently representing the defendant in this case to help him mitigate the sentence and reduce the length of ban he will receive. His case has been reported by the BBC - Biker admits riding at 144mph at South Milford

A speeding offence at 144 mph is fast enough that it is above and beyond the sentencing guidelines the Magistrates follow in deciding which sentence to impose, as they only cover speeds of up to 110 mph. Although in this case the defendant was only at this speed for a very short amount of time and had in fact come to a complete stop within 20 seconds of reaching this speed. The road was also clear of any other traffic except for another motorcycle and there were no pedestrians in the area.

The danger that people can face when these speeds are involved is that the prosecution can easily decide that this constitutes careless or even dangerous driving, the latter of which can carry a custodial sentence. The speed recorded by the Police means that the Magistrates can impose a significant length of disqualification for this offence.

We have entered a guilty plea on behalf of the defendant at the earliest opportunity as Mr Dobson fully accepts the gravity of his actions, though the case is not as serious as it may seem at first glance. In cases of this nature the details are important and mitigation needs to be put forward in a careful and considered manner.

By motoring offences solicitor, Martyn Walsh

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